Final Edits Done On “Saturn In Retrograde”!

My time-travel romance, Saturn In Retrograde, is now finished the final editing stage and all that’s left is to wait until it’s released in June 2012!  Anyone interested in order the entire Time Is Eternity anthology can click on the cover image.  Otherwise, my story will be available for individual purchase in June.

This is the finalized cover art, designed by the wonderful Catt Ford.  It has a terrific 1970s-style science fiction feel that perfectly fits the story, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Also, there will be a chat on the LiteraryNymphsChat Yahoo! group this coming Saturday, May 5th, starting at Noon EST and going all day.  The chat will include me and as many of the other authors who are in the Time Is Eternity anthology as can be rounded up.  So if you’d like to chat with us, please stop by!

(Is that enough exclamation points, or should I add some more?)

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