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And Sometimes I Just Don’t Feel Like Writing

It’s not usually for very long, but whenever I finish something I’ve been working on, I spend a week or two floundering, not knowing what I want to write next.  I’d been planning on doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month and getting most of part two of a fantasy trilogy finished, but I spent the first week wrapping up my occult murder mystery (finally!) and I haven’t been able to get moving on the fantasy novel.  I’ve written a chapter, but that’s it.

I think I’m finally starting to get in the spirit of the fantasy novel.   We’ll see.  Edits are beginning on By That Sin Fell the Angels, and that’s a somewhat dark drama, so I may end up taking up the half-finished psychological drama I was working on a month and a half ago.

In the meantime, I haven’t been completely stagnant.  I’ve been doing author chats and Blogathons (on my YA blog) and book giveaways.  Saturn in Retrograde has been getting good ratings on Goodreads and received a terrific 5-star review on QMO Books!

Seidman has been doing well, too, though it has less momentum, since my James Erich pseudonym is less well-known.  But the ratings have been very good!  I just need to figure out how to get the word out.

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“Saturn in Retrograde” has been released!

My time-travel novella Saturn in Retrograde (part of the Time is Eternity Daily Dose anthology at Dreamspinner) was released this weekend!

So far it’s received a couple excellent reader reviews/ratings over on Goodreads and a very nice comment here on my blog!

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