M/M Authors I Recommend:

Anne Barwell

Phoenix Emrys

F.E. Feeley Jr.

Tia Fielding

T.J. Klune

Theo Fenraven

Lloyd A. Meeker

Elizabeth Noble

 Zahra Owens

Helen Pattskyn

Kate Sherwood

K.Z. Snow

Lou Sylvre

Cooper West

C. Zampa



Other Interesting Sites:

Queer Sci Fi

4 responses to “Links

  1. K.C. Kelly

    Hi Jamie The reviews are coming in on Violated but most importantly, what do you think?

    I revelled in the mid-life drama and hope to read another Fessenden again.

  2. Daniela Vega-Heim

    Don’t have FB, blog or other social media, e-mail only. But I wanted to let you know how I felt about your short story in7&7 anthology: Train to Sevmash.
    Dear Author,
    I just finished reading your short story in the 7&7 anthology: Train to Sevmash.
    Oh my gosh, what a lovely, sweet story! I am still crying as I write this! To have found love, tenderness and caring and then being forced to separate! I just can’t express the heartache I felt reading the last couple pages.
    I am glad Colby didn’t go through with his mission. I was almost chewing my arm off with anxiety: is he going to do it? Is he going to let Yuri live?
    Thank you Author, for such a moving, lovely piece.
    Fessenden sounds like a German name. If it is, which area in Germany did your ancestors come from? I am German myself, Stuttgart area, near the Black Forest. The next town over from my town is where they make the Porsche! And we are pround of that achievement! LOL

    • I’m glad you liked it! I’ve been working on a full-length novel with that as the beginning section, but it’s taking a while. Soviet Russia was so closed off, it’s difficult to find information on life there in the 60s.

      We thought we might be from Germany, but it turns out the family dates back to Anglo-Saxon England. At the time, the name was spelled “Phissenden” or other variants. I did, however, study German for a couple of years in college, and I love the culture.

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