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Zack and Larry has been accepted for publication!

Well, sort of.  It’s going to be published, but it’s not going to be called Zack and Larry Make a Porno.  Not surprisingly, Dreamspinner didn’t think it wise to antagonize Kevin Smith with a gay variant of his film title, so they’ve asked me to come up with another title.  I can’t say I blame them. 

Unfortunately, I suck at coming up with titles.  We’ll see what I can dredge up. 

But…Yay!  I’ve been fretting about it for almost a month now.  Not to mention that other authors kept talking about the books and stories they had coming out soon.  I was happy for them, but every time someone said, “There’s a chat next Thursday where people can talk about upcoming releases,” I felt like a gay, 45-year-old Cinderella.  “Are you coming to the ball, Cinderella?  Oh, you have nothing to wear?  Well, I’m sure you’ll have a good time at home…alone…cleaning something.  Bye-bye!”

But now I have something to wear, damn it!  Something glass!  Something breakable that I can lose…?  Well, maybe that analogy only goes so far.  But at least I’ll now have something in publication people might be interested in reading at sometime other than Christmas.


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