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Kind-a-sort-a done with my cyberpunk story

I thought I’d be able to finish up a final draft of the cyberpunk story this weekend and send it off to Dreamspinner.  (Frankly, I’m starting to get anxious about DSP rejecting the last story I submitted, so I was hoping to stave off some of the anxiety by having a second story submitted before they informed me of their decision on Zack and Larry.)

But that didn’t quite work out.  I finished the draft, but the 2nd half of the story had to be rewritten a good bit, mostly because it was a dull travelogue of locations in the Seattle area, before we got to the final scene.  I ended up expanding two key sections into small scenes, to keep things interesting, and provide a little more character development.  But now my confidence is a little shaken on that part of the story, so I need to set it aside for a few days and pick it up again when I’m able to step back and look at the new material critically.

In the meantime, somebody from the Seattle area said she’d try to look it over for errors in my depiction of the landscape. 

Which reminds me…whatever happened to that woman from Iceland who was reading Seidhman?  I should send her a note….

I’m two-thirds done the current draft of Seidhman, based upon notes given to me by a friend.  Another friend is waiting to read it, but I decided I wouldn’t pass it along to him, until this draft was ironed out.  I have all day tomorrow, so we’ll see how far I can get.

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