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“Second Chances” is now “Screw-Ups”

DannyI’ve been working on a novel about college roommates in the 1990s, and it’s nearly finished.  I’m just working out how to wrap it up.

Since I’m pathologically bad at coming up with titles, my first idea was Second Chances.  After all, each of the two main characters has screwed up a past relationship so badly that he feels he isn’t worthy of being with somebody now.  But fortunately I wasn’t enamored of it.  My publisher agreed, saying that it was a pretty common title.

I did a search on Amazon.  I counted over twenty romance novels (and movies), both gay and straight, with the title Second Chances, or some variant on it, before I got bored and gave up.

So, yeah….

It occurred to me today that each character thinks of himself as a screw-up, so that’s what the new title is:  Screw-Ups.

Well, at least it doesn’t bring up a ton of hits on Amazon….

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