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First Wave of Editing on “Saturn in Retrograde”

I just received the first edits back from the Dreamspinner editors for my novella, Saturn in Retrograde.

I only have a week to get through them, either approving the edits or rejecting them (with an explanation) but fortunately most of the edits are just grammatical and I rarely quibble over those.  I’m not so enamored of my prose that I object to swapping a “which” for a “that” or adding a comma here and there.

The only only comment that might give me trouble is a note that one of my surprises at the end isn’t foreshadowed well in the earlier parts of the story, and perhaps I should go back and drop some hints.  That will take some thinking.

Elizabeth, the executive editor, has been encouraging editors to comment when they think a section is particularly good, so the author doesn’t feel like the editors never like our writing.  So this draft had a couple “This made me laugh” comments, which is nice.


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