Where do we go from here?

It’s been a moderately busy week for me.  First Lou Sylvre kindly let me rant about creating romantic suspense on her blog.  I used examples from two of my favorite M/M novels, Dark Horse, by Kate Sherwood, and Bear, Otter and the Kid, by TJ Klune, and ended up making a two-parter out of it:

Riding the suspense roller coaster in a romance novel – Part One

Riding the suspense roller coaster in a romance novel – Part Two

And We’re Both Straight, Right? received a wonderful review at Miz Love & Crew Loves Books!

I’ve also just turned in my first edit on The Dogs of Cyberwar, which is slated to be released by Dreamspinner Press in November.

I’m back at work on my occult murder mystery, Murderous Requiem, though it’s been a bit slow.  Only one more chapter added this week.  But it’s been a busy week at work and at home, so I’m hoping to ramp up my writing on that, now that I have a few days to breathe.

So having a full-length novel submitted (published is unlikely) by the end of the year is one goal I’ve set for myself, as a writer.  Everything I’ve had published in the past year has been under 60,000 words.  And there is a subtle bias in the industry that tends to favor novels over short stories or novellas, when it comes to readership.  I also still keep being asked if I can produce physical copies of my “novels.”  Until I have something over 60k, I won’t actually have a printed copy from a publisher to show people.   And the fact of the matter is, until you can produce a physical book with actual pages people can touch, they tend not to believe you’re really a professional writer.

The frustrating part is, I already do have two novels sitting in the wings, waiting to be published.  One of these — Seidhman — is, according to everyone who reads it, my best work.  It’s certainly the most polished, having been re-written five or six times and fact-checked by an Icelandic historian.  But it’s YA, and not suitable for my current publisher.

So my goal this weekend, is to draft a query letter and the whole package to submit Seidhman to an agent.  I have one picked out, but I won’t say which one, in case I jinx it.  🙂

By That Sin Fell the Angels — my other finished novel — needs one or two re-writes, before I consider sending it out.  That one isn’t suitable for Dreamspinner, either.  Not because it’s YA (which it isn’t), but because there really isn’t much romance going on.  I’m not sure where to send that one, but it’s time to start thinking about it.

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