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“Finding Love Through Bigfoot” is finished and available for free download!

I had initially planned on this story being submitted for an October anthology that Dreamspinner is putting out, but one of the requirements for that was that the story be no more than 2,000 words (within a small margin).  By the time I hit 3,000 words, with no wrap-up in sight, I knew I didn’t stand a chance of editing the finished story down to 2,000 words.  But I was having fun with it, so I decided to finish it up and release it as a freebie.

Since I’d been reading H.P. Lovecraft stories when I began the project, the initial tone was a bit Lovecraftian — 3rd-party narration, with the narrator rather distantly removed from the characters, and very little dialog.  But I couldn’t really sustain that for the entire story.  Humor started creeping in around the edges.  The “monster,” which initially was something dark and half seen in the forest, began to appear more and more like Bigfoot.  In the end, the story turned out to be rather tongue-in-cheek, if not quite a comedy.  But I’m happy with it.

It’s currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD (Did I make those words big enough?) at Lou Sylvre’s blog, since she was kind enough to let me guest blog there for a few days.  You can get to the link by clicking the image below.

Finding Love Through Bigfoot

Finding Love Through Bigfoot

The story was posted in a bit of a hurry, without the benefit of editors or even just friends looking it over, so I’ve already noticed a few typos.  When I’ve got a little more time, perhaps I’ll repost it with corrections.


Stuart moved to the country, looking for a little calm and stability in his life.  But that calm is upset, when a large, man-like creature begins showing up in his yard at night.  Soon, Stuart finds himself running for his life through the New Hampshire forests, and the only person who can save him is an enigmatic ranger named, Jake.  But Jake isn’t just out there on patrol — he’s been tracking the creature.  And he won’t rest until he finds it.

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