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I dragged Erich to Arisia this Saturday.  Arisia is a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Boston, which split off from another science fiction convention called Boskone, before I even met Erich.  I gather that Boskone had been getting a bit too “literary” for some people, so they formed Arisia as an alternative.  Unfortunately, although I’ve never been to Boskone, I have to wonder if I might prefer it.  Arisia was very much about people showing off costumes — steampunk, predominantly, though there were certainly many others from film and other media.  But, to put it mildly, it really wasn’t my “scene.”  Which is too bad, because I’ve enjoyed it in the past, and even had my first film show there one year.

To be fair, we were doing a drive-by, blowing in and out quickly, mostly so I could stop by the Dreamspinner table and meet some of my fellow authors.  We didn’t have time for any of the panels, which was too bad.  Our friend, Marlin, was conducting a panel later that evening on gay images in science fiction, which I would have liked to participate in, and there were some panels on writing YA fiction that might have been interesting, as well. 

But we were short on time, and I wasn’t in top form, having had a migraine earlier in the day.  I wouldn’t have bothered to go, except that I wanted to say ‘Hi’ to the Dreamspinner crowd.  That, I did.  I met Ariel Tachna and Nicki Bennett, purchasing a copy of one of their books (Hot Cargo) and making a nuisance of myself by asking them to autograph it.  This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that the only copy they had there was the display copy.  Since they don’t actually live near each other, getting me a copy that had been signed by both of them would mean mailing the book around a bit. 

This was finally solved by the two of them autographing the display copy and me giving them my address, so they can ship it to me, after the convention.  Ariel tells me that, thanks to leaving the book on display, they sold two more copies, before the end of the convention.

I also met Marguerite Labbe, Jonathan Treadway (who my keen powers of observation deduced was, in fact, a woman — since it’s already revealed in her Dreamspinner bio, I can say that Jonathan Treadway is the pseudonym of Jennifer Tilt), and Felicitas Ivey

They were all very friendly and it was wonderful to meet them and chat.  I tried to meet up with them after the table closed, but again I was thwarted by the pub I thought they would be at turning out to be closed for a private party, and a friend needing a ride home.  So my visit was short.  But perhaps we’ll meet up again someday.

I’ve made a small bit of progress on The Guardians Awaken, both in polishing the beginning chapters and in moving ahead with the final scenes.  It’s not going either smoothly or quickly yet, but hopefully it will pick up pace soon.  I tend to go through a period, when I’m doing rewrites, where I have to spend some time re-acquainting myself with the story first. 

In the real world, the anti-gay marriage crowd in the NH legislature have decided they don’t have time to deal with attempting a repeal of the gay marriage law this year.  So, we have a little time.  This also may decrease their chances of success, since the longer gay marriage continues in the state, the more comfortable people will be with it, and the less likely a move to repeal it will be to gain support.

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