Why is blogging this ridiculously hard?

So, setting up a wordpress blog seemed easy enough.  The themes are limited, as they were in LiveJournal, but at least you aren’t spammed constantly like the victims of LJ are.  However, linking my RSS feed to Facebook has proven to be a challenge.  I followed some instructions someone posted in a forum I’m in, and it seemed to work.  At least, it imported the last five wordpress blog entries and displayed them on Facebook.  The implication was that new entries would appear on Facebook, as well.

Not so much. 

When the next blog entry failed to make an appearance, I poked at it for a bit and discovered an app called Networked Blogs, which appeared to do what I wanted.  Again, it seemed to work.  We’ll see what happens when I post this on wordpress.

But people have been complaining that, if they click on a blog link, it takes them to my wordpress blog, but the text is illegible.  This turns out to be because the page neglects to load the dark gray gif image that’s supposed to appear behind blog text.  Since the text is white (or light gray), without this dark background, it’s impossible to read on top of the Christmasy blue and white snowflake background I’ve loaded.  The annoying thing is, that dark background loads fine, if you go to the blog directly, by typing the address into a browser.

This makes little sense, and examining the CSS hasn’t illuminated the situation.  So I decided it might work better with a different font color.  But changing the font color, I’ve discovered, after browsing online for a while and reading forum postings, is nigh impossible.  Considering the fact that the two main things all users want to do with things such as a blog, appart from blogging, would be to change the background and the font color, I can only chalk this up to the developers of wordpress being completely and utterly out of touch with their users.  Possibly with the entire fucking planet.  What…the…hell?!

But I’m not bitter.

I could set up (or get Eric to set up) the opensource wordpress code on our home server, and since I have the domain name “jamiefessenden.com” registered (don’t bother checking it out, just yet — it’s empty), this might be a good way to do things in the future.  But for now,  I just want my current blog to work.

I mucked about for a while with different themes, finding nothing I liked.  Then the damned thing wiped out all of my widgets, so I need to put my book references back in place.  That’s hampered by the fact that Dreamspinner is currently working on their website. 

This should not be this hard.


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2 responses to “Why is blogging this ridiculously hard?

  1. Claire

    Try the atahualpa theme. It’s one of the most configurable that I’ve seen.

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