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Cyberpunk short story

Now that NaNoWriMo is over, and I’ve conceded defeat, I’ve decided to give Murderous Requiem a bit of a rest.  I like what I’ve written and intend to return to it later, but in addition to the reworking of Eastside-84, I’ve decided to tackle a short cyberpunk story. 

It’s tentatively titled The Bodyguard, and it’s about a traditional cyberpunk “deckrunner” (someone who jacks into a virtual reality “cyberspace” using equipment often called a “deck” — a term from William Gibson, I believe) who hacks into coporations to steal data for a living.  He’s rescued one night from being mugged — by a member of the gang trying to mug him — and the now ex-gang member decides our hero needs someone to watch out for him, whether he likes it or not.

If it seems chaotic for me to be hopping back and forth from story to story like this…it is.  It always has been.  But eventually things do get finished, because I’m able to return to them over and over, until they’re done.  Admittedly, I accomplish more when my life is less chaotic.  Right now, in addition to writing, I’m also working on a soundtrack for my brother’s film The Atomic Attack of the Son of the Seaweed Creature and attempting to sort out a three-year-old film project called The Resurrection to see exactly how much has been filmed and how much is left to film.

Additionally, my short story The Meaning of Vengeance and my novella The Christmas Wager are both being released this month, so I have to do a little promotional work on them — something I’ve never been particularly great at.

Incidentally, Dreamspinner is offering a 20% discount on all eBooks purchased through them this month!  Just enter the code HolidayDreams at checkout.

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