Working on a short fantasy

About 2,000 words in on a 7,000 word story I’m trying to have done by November 1st.  Not sure I’ll be finished by then, but hopefully I’ll have a good story to shop around, even if I miss the contest deadline, although there’s a big chance iI’ll use a college paper writing service online, just to be sure and to get a little help.

It’s interesting, for me, because it’s in a somewhat different style than I’m used to.  My normal writing is a bit long-winded, which is why I tend more towards novels (or novellas) than short stories.  Many publishers won’t accept a short story over 6,000 words, and I find it difficult to tell a story in that amount of space.  For this story, I’ve come up with a rather complicated plot (though its fairly typical of high fantasy adventures) and I’ve opted to tell it in short snippets of about two-thirds of a page each, alternating between the points of view of the two major characters.

Ultimately, as with most of my stories, it’s a romance.  I do write horror, and those stories don’t always end well, but there is usually a romantic element to them, regardless.  For me, that keeps the characters interesting.

But making it plausible that two characters who don’t particularly like each other at the beginning of the story could fall so deeply in love by the end of the story (only 7,000 words later) that one is willing to sacrifice himself for the other…that could be a challenge.

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