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And the Winner Is…!

I want to thank everybody who stopped by my blog this weekend during the Rainbow Book Reviews bloghop!  It was a great time and I loved chatting with everybody.

Second, since I had such a great turnout, I decided that I couldn’t just give away one measly copy of my novel, By That Sin Fell the Angels.  Instead, I decided to give away three copies!  (To different people.  Giving three copies to the same person probably wouldn’t be that exciting.)

I hope that doesn’t violate some unwritten bloghop code I haven’t been informed of….

Everybody was probably expecting me to announce the winners on Sunday.  You know…actually during the bloghop.  Unfortunately, things got hectic for me and that didn’t happen.  I apologize to everyone about that.

But anyway, I’ve drawn three names from a hat and the winners are:

Tali Spencer

Ruth Sims



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