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Finished proof-reading “The Meaning of Vengeance”

I was supposed to get the proof to my editor by today, so technically I guess I wasn’t late.  But still, I thought I’d have it done much earlier.  As it was, I was rushing to get it done by this afternoon. 

It was both harder and easier than I expected.  Harder, because I’m a perfectionist.  I kept going over it slowly, trying not to miss anything.  I corrected a major grammar mistake (accidentally using a word twice) and fixed a sentence, after Erich pointed out that it would read smoother as one sentence with a colon, rather than two separate sentences. 

But ultimately it was easier than I was making it, because I was tweaking sentences here and there, correcting awkward phrasing.  And when I was done with all of that, I re-read my editor’s injunction to not do that, at this stage, because there wasn’t time for rewriting along those lines.  So I threw it all out.  Or most of it.  There was one sentence where I’d commented on the smell of rotten flesh at the scene of a burned farmstead.  That one absolutely had to go.  Iceland in the middle of December would be far too cold for anything to be rotting.  Corpses would freeze within a day or two, and certainly my hero wouldn’t be able to smell anything. 

Luckily, my editor appeared to accept that correction.  I won’t be ridiculed for that bit of foolishness.  Some of my dialog, on the other hand…

Ah, well.  It’s out of my hands now.  And overall, it’s a good story.  But it’s always tempting to keep tweaking. 

When I get my galley proof of the novella — in a few weeks, I gather — I’ll only have about seven days to go through it, so I’ll have to be faster than I was this time around.

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“Naughty or Nice” Advent Anthology

I would like to encourage everyone to purchase the Advent Anthology “Naughty or Nice” from Dreamspinner Press!  Well, maybe not everybody — it’s gay holiday romance with a highly erotic element, so if you’re under 18 or that’s just not your thing, it’s probably not for you.  But for everybody else…

Naughty or Nice

It’s $39.99 if you purchase it during the month of October, but it goes up to $49.99 in November and $64.99 on December 1st. That’s for 31 stories delivered to your inbox, one a day, for all of December. If you were to purchase each story separately, the total would come up to about $90.

At any rate, it contains my short story “The Meaning of Vengeance,” so it’s got to be great!

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My author’s bio page is now up at Dreamspinner!

Dreamspinner Press has put my author’s biography up on their site now, and the Advent Calendar anthology that contains my Viking short story is listed underneath it:

If you click on the anthology, then expand the “Excerpt” section underneath that, you’ll see my short story “The Meaning of Vengeance” listed among all the other stories, along with a brief description.

I admit to checking their site daily for this to show up.  It hasn’t been long since I gave them my bio — just over a week — but I’ve been going nuts waiting for it to appear.  Now I can finally point to a website and say, “Look!  I’m published!”

Well, almost.  You can place an order for the anthology (please!), but it won’t start arriving in your inbox until December 1st.  Then throughout the month, you’ll receive a new story every day!

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