First draft of “By That Sin Fell the Angels” done!

This novel really wiped me out.  It wasn’t fun.  It was more of a purging of all the religious crap I had to deal with as a teenager, and the turmoil I felt, trying to reconcile my sexuality with what the Bible told me.  I had to stop several times, during the year it took to write the novel, and put it aside, so I could breathe again.  But in the end, I feel that I’ve produced something verging on the poetic and beautiful. 

Readers may not feel the same — they may feel that it’s cornball, melodramatic, or (worse!) dull.  But it felt beautiful, when I wrote it, and hard to express, and emotionally upsetting, and a host of other emotions.  It felt like art.

Which may make it crap, to the rest of the world.  We’ll see.  I did get some very positive feedback from my friend, Claire, who loved it.  So maybe it’s good.  I’m still waiting on other people’s comments.

In the meantime, I have so many Bible verses kicking around in my head, I feel vaguely nauseous.  Time to move on to something completely different for a while.

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