Jamie Goes Commando

No, not that type of commando.

Well, not at the moment, anyway….

I’m afraid the Japanese story is beginning to wear on me — too much research and cultural nitpicking — so I think I’ll have to take a break from it.  Usually, after I go through my “Japanese Phase,” I segue into a “Cyberpunk Phase.”  This is due, in large part, to psychological associations between Japanese culture and Cyberpunk fiction.  If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, check out William Gibson, the novel “Snowcrash,” the film “Bladerunner” and about a hundred other references, including a bunch of Anime.

But somewhere wedged in between Japanese culture and cyberpunk, I often wander into high-tech Special Ops military fiction.  This is probably the fault of Tom Clancy, especially in his NetForce series.  And of course, the recent Navy SEAL attack on the Osama bin Laden compound didn’t hurt either.  (I won’t get my opinions on that issue here — I’m trying to keep this blog restricted to writing.)

So, getting back to writing, this means I’ll probably do one of two things:  1) Pick up Eastside-84, my ailing YA dystopian novel, again and try once more to fix the issues beta readers have been having with it, or 2) Continue with the next installment of The Dogs of Cyberwar.  The first installment is still in limbo, waiting for a response from the publisher I submitted it to.  I have to admit, I’m a bit concerned that a rejection letter on that one could derail any new installment I happen to be working on.  Not permanently — there are plenty of other publishers to submit to — but it might cause things to shut down for a while.

What I’ll probably do is pick up Eastside-84 and work on fixing that one (I have a few ideas what to do with it), while I start outlining the sequel to The Dogs of Cyberwar.

I also need to think of a title for the series….

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